Sorry to Hear That

“These are the stories of people who have lost loved ones and had to deal with it.”


About Sorry To Hear That

Looking back – or more precisely – looking forward after a loved one dies is never easy. And the grief that follows, all encompassing, isn’t so easy either. Yet, everyday there are people with a story to tell about themselves, the loved one they lost, and manage the business of death. These are their stories told to you about sadness, grief, and the small victories that help them move forward.


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CJ Williams


C.J. Williams is a Millennial, Type A, multi-potentiate - avid reader, writer, and traveler - running multiple businesses with her partner, and loves to give herself a yearly baking challenge, while holding a regular 9 to 5.

In July 2013, her dad died. Then in June 2017, she joined the Dead Mom's Club - a membership she had hoped to avoid for a really long time. 

This podcast, inspired by her mother, and the desire to give back in more tangible ways by creating a community where no one has to grieve alone. Grief doesn’t go away, you only learn to co-exist.

Welcome to Sorry To Hear That.



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